to the moon

dscf5203to the moon

which lightens the path in the dark abyss

            holding the feminine soul in its keeping

 so what is the meaning of this journey within the feminine

                         the temple for this spirit being this vessel

                                       innately held within an aura of love

with love being the greatest gift of all

the feminine magnifies what is

            and shines a light on the beautiful that lies within

                                        radiating that to all

                      the balancing act

i dance the ballet of balance

                      always held within my life of soul

         that place where feelings pirouette and leap with grace

                                 and touch once more upon the earth

                                                                 and sigh

that breathing in and out

                 of my feminine nature as it seeks wholeness

it is not a solo dance

                and i must seek that masculine within my world

                                   with whom to step this dance of love

                          and within this choreography

                                                    the light begins to shine

. .


the best is yet to come

according to maureen

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  1. Sondi says:

    Keep these artcleis coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

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