in joyful celebration

dscf0156I weave Love into the very fabric

                                          of my inner paintings

                      their birthing received in joyful celebration


 . . . 

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

the freshness of discovered friendship

dscf0986This microcosm within the broader context

       awakens me

              exhilarated and empowered

                     to awareness of this whole new arena

                           of which I have only dreamed


The contrasts of my life

       bring clarity to my expanding desires

              adding details to the tapestry

                     witnessing the unfolding and creating anew


I love the freshness of discovered friendship

       the standing together in view of each other’s dreams

              the shared joy in experienced alignment


Thinking of you my newfound friend 

. . . 

according to maureen

accomplishment of desire

christmas-221I place belief in the accomplishment of desire

               imbued with the complementary colours of experience

     dancing in harmonious rhythms

                         around the central hub of my Spirit

. . .

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

to this new beat

dscf4060i came into this life to choreograph steps in harmony with yours  -  in this ever-present spiritual dance i hear my own music to be recognized only by me – when i present it in a form that you can hear and feel it creates a  dance between us giving rise to realms that either of us has yet to glimpse – in these unseen vistas worlds unfold before our eyes …. so let us move to this new beat and discover what possibilities unfold between us

. . .  

the best

according to maureen

an ever present dance

dscf5864It is an ever-present dance between Thee and Me

        my feeling Life

                         providing the irresistible beat of the music

              through which these choreographed creations

                                                          find Life


. . 

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen


dscf0893    to the full moon

                                                                  in her full abundance

gratitude for the blessings

. . . 

according to maureen

full abundance

dscf0846Love is ever present in my Life for the giving away

          it returns to me in full abundance

                                to the degree to which I give


. . . 

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

to ask for help

dscf0543what is the greatest force upon the earth

        that can be moved

                           within the heart of every man

                by a small child who knows that he is lost


  who has not forgotten how to ask for help

 sometimes that is so hard for me to do

                        to ask for help

         as if my admission that i am in need

                would diminish my stature as a human being

 i feel privileged when asked

                   why the reluctance to do the asking

 the questioning mind must formulate with words just so

                              that in the asking whole domains open their gates

         it is mine for the asking

                               ah yes

                  what are those questions

. . . 

according to maureen

clarity of purpose

dscf07921though i know that it can be instantaneous it is often a long process to surrender the old into completeness – especially when it comes to things of the physical world – those favourite pair of shoes and that old sweater and of course that brand new pair of pants that i bought and still wait for them to someday fit – then there are all those books and magazines and papers that i think i really should keep to re-read some obscure paragraph that is by now lost in time and space – and  what of all the emotional incompletions that i tucked away and after years are still triggered by a few bars of music or a sweet summer smell … is there room for the new to flow in when my energy and attention are focused on what was instead of what could be … if i clean and clear away that which no longer serves me then the clarity of my purpose will shine forth and draw me into what is next and the things that we could do together 

. . .  

the best always

according to maureen

as i recognize purpose

dscf0611I surrender the old into completeness

          open for newness to flow into the journey

                   placing necessities in hand as I recognize purpose


. . . 

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

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