company never hurt a home


dscf4641company is coming – oh my

                    plan the dinner and bake a pie

          make fresh bread and cinnamon buns

                    clean the kitchen with the dishes all done

fold the laundry to each one’s pile

                     clean the bathrooms and polish the tile

          vacuum the corners and put things in place

                              dust each surface and straighten the lace

move all the furniture back into line

                    clean the windows and make things shine

          with time left over to count to five

                              their car is turning into the drive

. . .

we have had our stories and all of our fun

                   and now it is time for them to run

          the visit is over and said our good-byes

                              thankful for friends and family ties

sit on the sofa and put up my feet

          look around and oh what a treat

                    my home is clean for me

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

2 Responses to “company never hurt a home”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Once again I got to experience the appreciation of company coming. I mentioned to my girlfriend your saying “company never hurt a home” and she commented “I sometimes wonder if my house would ever get cleaned if it wasn’t for company”. So each of us is truly connected and support each other when we become the company.

  2. Bobby says:

    Too many comlipmnets too little space, thanks!

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