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this choreographed unfolding

i am in observation of

                    the power of my thinking

          the slightest change of thought

                                       altering my entire life  


what are my deepest desires

                  moving me foreword

                                    through this life


my dreams directing the steps

                           in this choreographed unfolding

              experiencing the sidetracks

                      diverting my energies

                                        into newly designed dramas

. . .

always the best

according to maureen

conscious focus

loving lies within the very moment

DSCF1288      past and futures

              providing memories

                           and dreams

                     catching me reminiscing

                                   or in expectation

                           out of which desire is born

it takes conscious focus

       to stay within the love

              within that moment of now

. . .

always the best

according to maureen

within and beyond

DSCF5109The doors are always open

         on the arch of each if destiny so chooses

                  is beautifully inscribed

                                 allusions to what lies

                                                 within and beyond

                     words so carefully chosen to spark my desire

                                              to embark on such adventure

         a myriad of mysteries awaits


how is it that I am to choose

         drawn to the ones

                        with promises of earlier and similar

                                              in which the highest of risks is involved

                                                                    the heart lying open

so what of all the other doors

                             where safety is assured

           where I could live that middle ground of nothingness

                                                no stakes at all

i have stepped through those doors

                       and die that slow emotional death

                                                with nothing left to live into the day

then one day

                    new archways appear

         and how am i now to choose

                            beckoned by the most passionate of journeys

the door is opened widely

always the best

according to maureen

creating love songs

the heavy rains beating a steady rhythm

upon the roof

the high winds swaying harmonies

from the giant evergreens

the crackling fire providing melodic licks

for the dancing flames

thoughts of you

creating love songs

in my heart

. . .

the best

according to maureen

awaiting spaces


the leaves in all their autumnal dress

          fall down and kiss the earth in celebration

                             of that moment when we catch

                                      a glimpse of the unfolding

 In the hand of this unfolding

          come words spoken into the breeze

                   to gently fan the glowing embers

                             lying in wait

                                      within these kindred spirits

          embers attended throughout eternity

                   for when in this life

                             the gentle unfolding

                                      fills out the awaiting spaces

                                                   with expansive colours

. . .

the best

according to maureen 

her waxing and waning




once again to the moon

                       her waxing and waning an anchor

                                   grounding me in this passage of time


. . .

the best

according to maureen

beating of our hearts



I sigh the breath of letting go

                    of all the time and space

                                           that holds us separate

       and sink into the synchronizing beating of our hearts

                     dissolving boundaries


. .  

always the best

according to maureen

turning points in life

i love the adrenalin rush of gathering momentum


the inexhaustible thoughts

                 creating order

                        each to its place


dscf1489the foundation strong

        the structure of the walls up to the task

                        to carry the most intricate of weavings

                                                in this tapestried life


and we can most surely depend upon turning points in life

                when in this present moment

                        the winds change

                                i turn my sights

        and a whole new world unfolds before me


once again

        destiny in its speaking

                makes clear to me that life is good

 . . . 

according to maureen

this journey starts and ends with me

dedicate my life to higher purpose

                and through my meditative works

        inklings of future looking here slip through my sights


my life at this very moment rushes so about

                      these fleetings are most always missed

        and coming amidst no understanding

                                      are lost as quickly


bringing consciousness is not an easy task

        but one that this time demands

                                 or i will be forever lost


and only i can find myself

                for only i know where i stand


and this journey starts and ends with me

                        i am in charge of the amount of light

                                         shining on this tapestry


the task seems so huge


and yet with such understanding the peripheral falls away

                leaving me standing in the full light of the sun

. . . 

according to maureen

in the joy of the ride

dscf0823now and then I step across

                the lines that I myself had drawn


let ‘me’ be seen in the light

                        trusting I could journey for a while

                                        on paths of discovery

                totally immersed in the joy of the ride

                        inspired into the deeper passion

                                        for my work

. . . 

according to maureen

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