dscf4669an artist – a writer – an educator

being a grandmother is one of maureen’s greatest joys in life.  her background of over thirty years of teaching students of all ages and being a business owner helps her appreciate the simple pleasures that a grandmother enjoys with her grandchildren.  

maureen is a leader willing to guide many along the path of self-discovery.  her words are inspired, and in return inspires you in your own journey.  she has a great inner strength and operates out of a principle of equanimity, love,  kindness and beauty.  maureen is a dreamer and a visionary with a life’s mandate to be of highest service.  one of her greatest tasks is the bringing of people into community. born and raised in rural alberta, canada, maureen developed a genuine appreciation of family and community.  through maureen’s many years of educational service in alberta and british columbia, she is able to share her experience and assist people to grow into the 21st century.  she wants you to be a part of an every expading community of people who want to make a difference in all of the lives that each of us touches.  as a daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, businesswoman, teacher, poet, painter, writer and ongoing student of creative education, she inparts a joy of learning to all she serves. 

maureen is an artistic being and brings colour to life around her.  she adapts easily to varied circumstances and people from diverse backgrounds.  she slowly and surely builds for the future; a future that includes you.

maureen urges you to pay attention to your inner being.  she inspires by her own example, knowing that one must be the change one wants to see in the world.  she is an ongoing catalyst in helping others to be the change they want to see in their own lives.

the best is always yet to come