my thinking leads me

dscf0238I predominate my thoughts

                        toward Health Strength and Vitality

        realizing I follow as my thinking leads me


. . . 

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

new thought patterns

dscf0392I know that each end is a door opening

          glimpsing the new vistas from which to choose

                   the shifting of my attention to new scaffolds to be built

                             for the weaving of new thought patterns

                                                                                    into completeness

. .

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

in the joy of the ride

dscf0823now and then I step across

                the lines that I myself had drawn


let ‘me’ be seen in the light

                        trusting I could journey for a while

                                        on paths of discovery

                totally immersed in the joy of the ride

                        inspired into the deeper passion

                                        for my work

. . . 

according to maureen

these rights of birth

dscf6712my thinking keeps clear my skies

                             for the shining of this radiance

                for the sharing of these rights of birth

                                                     with my fellowman

                                                              that point where we are all the same

. . . 

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

most intricate tapestries

Time is so precious

                   while existing in this moment

          I add  joy or sorrow

                             to the portfolio of my life experience

          in the past I gathered knowledge

                             through discipline of self

                   and through the difficult act of surrendering



In the future lies creation

                   awaiting specifics from me


My feeling life lies in the moment

                             floating within the ethereal

          the pulse bringing life to desire

                             and within equanimity

                                      these past and futures circle and weave

                                                into most intricate tapestries


As I surrender into this perfect moment

                   past and futures flow into the creation of this Life

. . . 

according to maureen


to the smallest of details

copy-2-of-first-round-359Large tapestries evolve

         out of my commitment to the smallest of details

                        woven in with exacting care


. . . 

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

together in common purpose

dscf0623the power of my imagination makes all things possible in my life – when i look into the world i see that every man-made thing from the smallest button to the most beautiful architectural form began within the thinking of one person – when i perceive a need then out of my desire to fulfill that need i become open to receive details from practicality to beauty – the bringing of love and passion for my work into the mix becomes the adhesive which binds individual thoughts into the cohesive whole of my new creation … if i have this power to create within me - just imagine the exponential expansion of this power when you and i come together in common purpose – we really do step into the realm of endless possibilities where joy will be our companion

. . .

the best

according to maureen

in joyful celebration

dscf0156I weave Love into the very fabric

                                          of my inner paintings

                      their birthing received in joyful celebration


 . . . 

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

the freshness of discovered friendship

dscf0986This microcosm within the broader context

       awakens me

              exhilarated and empowered

                     to awareness of this whole new arena

                           of which I have only dreamed


The contrasts of my life

       bring clarity to my expanding desires

              adding details to the tapestry

                     witnessing the unfolding and creating anew


I love the freshness of discovered friendship

       the standing together in view of each other’s dreams

              the shared joy in experienced alignment


Thinking of you my newfound friend 

. . . 

according to maureen

accomplishment of desire

christmas-221I place belief in the accomplishment of desire

               imbued with the complementary colours of experience

     dancing in harmonious rhythms

                         around the central hub of my Spirit

. . .

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

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