for all that i give

first-round-286This balancing act demanding an equilibrium

        for all that I give

                I am responsible

                         to open myself fully to receive

                                                                it is a necessity

. . .   

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen 

yet i need to hide

how many times has that sudden urge

          driven me to secluded places

                              where the heart could breathe


if i am to have my thinking touched by my heart

                    i need to know the heart

          i need to understand its breathing

                             its giving and receiving


when in the present moment of my thinking

                   the heartfelt thoughts rise up

          weaving themselves amongst the rigid scaffolding

                                                      softening the edges with the peaceful magentasdscf7359a2


sometimes i need to hide

                   to gather inner strength for the journey

          to be sure i have enough softness

                                       to apply to the edges

                             enough pink to seem

                                       as seen through rose-coloured glasses


and i come out gently as the cherry blossoms


          knowing that too soon is fatal

                             as is too late


i must be attuned to know the moment


          i must be in time

                   in the present moment

. . . 

according to maureen

a fully woven tapestry

dscf0868I put my faith in what I create in my inner world

                my divinity weaving my thoughts

                                              into a fully woven tapestry


. . .   

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen


dscf0402what i used to see before this moment as panic i now see as impetus to pour on the coal to the finish line of this phase of preparedness … that restless pacing seeing the tasks that must be completed as multitudinous – i use the rhythm of the pace to gain clarity as i sort out and categorize and prioritize – out of the space of this rhythmic pacing comes a calm focus that channels the energy to arrive at completeness where i will breathe at least three times before embarking on the next phase

. . .

the best always

according to maureen

deepest wishes of the heart

christmas-0581I concentrate the power of my attention

                   on the deepest wishes of my heart

          knowing my rewards will come

                                  in proportion to the degree

                                                                       of all that I give

  . . .

quote from ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

joy in the journey

dscf32571the joy is in the journey – once i reach what i think is the expected i must then again establish a new journey to find joy in – it is in human nature to be striving toward that place in the future where the goals i create within my thinking become a reality … so i will stop along the way and take in all the beauty of this process of unfolding and be ever grateful for the journeying and for this present moment


. . .

the best always

according to maureen


dscf1637-snowI express my individuality

                    through the way in which I relate to you

          our Community

                           being an expression of our relating

. . .

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

life is an art

dscf4512Life is an art

and the degree to which

I experience the ‘agonies and the ecstasies’

will be the degree to which this life’s tapestry

will take my breath away

. .


the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

structural blueprints

dscf0377 Thinking is my most important task

          it is the vessel into which flows inspired thoughts

                   formulating words into structural blueprints

                                                             for creation

. . .

quote from: ‘Everything To Do With My Thinking’

according to maureen

the technological step

i am of the generation – some call us the baby boomers – who hand wrote university papers and when i took computer science 101 i learned in one whole semester how to have the computer write a sentence instructed to do so by the large stack of hole punched cards fed to it in a very specific sequence – along the way from then until now i would be involved in ‘computer catch-ups’ and buy the newest technology on the market and by the time i learned how to use what i bought it was outdated dscf2809… in working on this website there is so much that is foreign to me – my resistance to learning the new things somewhat like taking out the garbage which takes 5 hours and 50 seconds – five hours resisting and fifty seconds to actually take it out … i am gradually getting my head around the newness that these tasks bring me – i now have my foot placed on the technological step and i am creating the momentum to have the rest of me join my foot and my intention at the new level … i thank you my friends for the inspiration to have the internet become my vehicle for bringing my work to you – i am loving the process and may joy be bestowed upon you as you navigate through this glimpse into my works

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

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