this ending and beginning

the week-end dscf9659is a powerful time for me with saturday being the week’s end in which i celebrate and acknowledge gratitude for what has transpired 

and with sunday being the week’s beginning which is a holy day of preparation for what is to come . . . keeping this ending and beginning in my consciousness gives a rich fullness to the days i spend in between

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

steadfast rocks

Within this fortnight my world has shifted

          creating new openings

                   through which the sun is shining

dscf02532          steadfast rocks on which to stand

                   lifting me up to new beginnings

                             where vistas not yet seen

                                      take my breath away

          these brilliant sections of this unfolding tapestry

                             imbued with the sweet colors of joy

                   this ancient weaving

                                      revealed by the increasing brightness

                                                of this internal light

                             held in readiness for this moment of seeing

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

change of direction

the creation of this website is giving me the opportunity to share with you that which is old and the emerging newdscf9667 – a journey into the archives of my life and with this gleaning of the past through places i had long ago forgotten bringing a new clarity to this present moment – to this path that i am walking today . . . i look back on words that may have been uttered in haste and the immediate change of direction my life took – the reminder that words once spoken are forever in the world – the necessity for vigilance around the spoken word living more fully within my consciousness . . .  it is said that destiny lives within the muscles of the body especially in the muscles activating the human voice – how often has it been my speaking that demanded me to take accounting of my life and move on to what is next . . . so what is next anyway?

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

ultimate joy

dscf0356The moment was perfect

                an instant knowing

                                and then

                         we rested in each other’s arms

there was forever in our coming together

                 that place of ultimate joy

        when we looked into each other’s eyes

                 the bond was sealed for all time

                                 plus one day       

                        in case that one of us misunderstood


it is in the chemistry for us to be in love

                 and that will always be

                        throughout forever

                                 throughout forever

                                         plus one day

my sense of your being abides within my heart

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

spiral of strength

i yearn for that masculine being

                    before whom i can lay

                                                the thinkings of my heart

                                and  the visions of my thinking

         and together as a man and a woman

                catch fleeting glimpses of understanding

                                  of this living breathing tapestry of life



                      relationship can only be viewed from within

                                                   from within relationship

when magnets of polar dscf9139opposites come together

           the strength of the binding

                       is in proportion to the trueness

                                                  of the poles

the same is true of relationship

                  the bonding of opposites true to their nature

                                    creating a spiral of strength leading upward

                          to visions  that can only be seen from relationship

                                             to heights that can never be reached

                                                                  as we stand alone

 . . .

 the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

enwrapped in love


everything i embark upon seems to fall short of the goal


        is that really possible

                 or are the goals i seem to fail to reach

                        still in the cocoon enwrapped in love

                                        and waiting


dscf2960i know i am an arrogant spirit

        thinking that i can reach those higher places

                in short spans of time


the seeds need just the right amount of time

                and to hurry processes of unfolding

                                is a blasphemy


things seldom turn out the way i planned

                for one small pebble on the road

                        can bring about that change in direction

                                that in all my planning

                                                never crossed through my mind


and then one day

        i see the goal attained

                        that i had long ago forgotten

                for by another journeying way

                        the circle found itself

                                and in an instant left the way open

                                        to ever spiraling heights

. . .

the best is yet to come

according to maureen

listen to the whisperings

My thinking draws me backward

                   to the things that stand as fact

                             written within the journals of time

dscf2504          I briefly hold and then let go

                             of these flashes

                   sign posts pointing me

                             in new and different ways


I seek the wisdom

                   held within the entries of this journal

          using this knowledge to move onward


I listen for the whisperings

                   of new opportunities

                             drawing me forward

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

intricate meshing of lives


I walk the gardened path of choices

dscf4016                    balancing my inner and my outer worlds

          its ribboned pathway loops and turns

          and coming back upon itself

                   shows me a whole new world of possibility

                             seen through a whole new perspective


I walk this path alone

          viewing the intricate meshing of lives as they touch mine

          sharing the loops and turns with fellow travelers

                   as we journey together

                             and yet alone


There are so many of these travelers

          and in the gardens where we stop to linger for a while

                             each leaves the fragrance of its blossom

                                                in my soul


I sit patiently at this place of turning

          as shared pathways weave into the ribboned tapestry of my Life

                             with this spiraled colouring of my world

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

separate yet together

our days together have been many

        dscf02771  with periods of time apart

                                                   . . .


we are separate people


yet in our separateness

            the cord of love  held us together

                            through its

                                         thoughtful caring

                                          tender feelings

                                           and  youthful passion


we are also togetherness people

yet in our togetherness

         there is time to be alone

                   to keep in touch with our own beings



                                          self growth

                                          and self love


we are separate yet together

          together yet alone

                    a beautiful balance

                    a beautiful happiness

                    a beautiful life

. . .

the best is yet to come

according to maureen