gifts held within store

dscf4950enjoy whatever is in my life with gratitude – it may not be what i was expecting but the gifts that are held in store might only be opened by the key held within that which is coming into my life right now . . . it is this feeling of gratitude that washes away all else leaving the shining key ready for the opening . . . i await the gifts

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

the path to lean my shoulder to

dscf0856my task must now be

                    to find my place within the future

          a vantage spot where i can see

                                                    in all directions 

                  and when i catch my own eyes looking forward

                                 from where i stand in this moment

          then i will know the path to lean my shoulder to

          and i will know the deeper truth of soul economy

                              where my life’s purpose becomes so clear

                                            that sideways paths

                                                             no longer lure this restless soul

                    this purpose becoming the anchor

                              around which this deliberate spirit

                                                may weave its intricate tapestries of life

                                                                          with equanimity of soul

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

friends – the highest and the best

dscf3484the greatest blessings in my life are the moments in conversation that i spend with dear friends – those times when we share the excitements and heights of euphoria about ecstatic things that transpire in our lives in turn lifting each other’s spirit – the times when we pour out the pain from the sorrows that arise and our empathy lightens the darkness – the times when we speak forth thoughts around creative endeavours and that speaking bringing clarity and sparking  new ideas for future creations – and of course those times when the sharing of good food and the best of chocolate nourishes our bodies and fills our souls . . .

i thank you my friends for the treasure of our relationships – the highest and the best – bestowing upon me the status of a weatlthy woman indeed – gratitude and appreciation and love fill the space that we share

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

pristine perspective

dscf43341the phoenix rises

          dancing within a rainbow of colour

                    lifting out of the soul’s debris

          from unexperienced losses

                              finally brought to the light of the sun


i clear away the ashes

          and polish the facets of my being

                              ready for this shining forth

                                        of my internal light

this pristine perspective

               bringing clarity to the path

                                                   of what is next

                         may the good times roll

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

so very grateful

dscf3473i am so very grateful for this mingling

                    of the joys and sorrows

                                        of this enfoldment

i thrive within the passion

           for all those things in my life

                                   that move me forward

                    which of course is everything


                    the places to which i move

                              depending on

                                        the thoughts i choose to entertain

                                        the scenerios into which i pour my will

                                        the  strategic spot on which to place myself

                                                             along the continuums of life

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

‘old friends’

dscf0001‘old friends’ meeting

          dissolves boundaries

                    fortified throughout this lifetime

          bringing us to stand face-to-face

                    in the garden of our most treasured delights


it is the sharing that brings the greatest joy

                    the witnessing by a friend

                              of that which has touched the soul

          and in this mutual sharing

                    the garden flouishes

                              expanded by the gift of self each brings

                              and by those born within the joy we share

                a much welcomed happiness

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

company never hurt a home


dscf4641company is coming – oh my

                    plan the dinner and bake a pie

          make fresh bread and cinnamon buns

                    clean the kitchen with the dishes all done

fold the laundry to each one’s pile

                     clean the bathrooms and polish the tile

          vacuum the corners and put things in place

                              dust each surface and straighten the lace

move all the furniture back into line

                    clean the windows and make things shine

          with time left over to count to five

                              their car is turning into the drive

. . .

we have had our stories and all of our fun

                   and now it is time for them to run

          the visit is over and said our good-byes

                              thankful for friends and family ties

sit on the sofa and put up my feet

          look around and oh what a treat

                    my home is clean for me

. . .

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

Easter Joy

dscf4339Christ is risen – having come to Earth from the highest of the most high -  to experience this Earthly death – to sink into the darkest depths of the underworld and on this Easter morn rise up again from this sleep of death into the light of Spirit … this Joy of this Easter morning is to remind us that we are also immortal Spiritual Beings experiencing this Earthly journey and that our death here is only to this life and then into the continuance of our Eternal Beingness … Christ is Risen – our reminder that we too shall rise again … Easter Joy

this best is always yet to come

according to maureen

the fresh spring air

christmas-1771today i focus on the things i want to see – the brilliant sun that melts away the snows of spring revealing the first tiny shoots of green – the children in their brightly coloured rubber boots splashing in the gathering pools and building boats to sail along the ditches’ flowing water – the returning of the songbirds perched upon the tree outside my window filling my soul with their reveries …  i sit upon my porch and feel like a butterfly emerging from my warm and cozy winter cocoon to breathe in the fresh spring air … i let go of the old and with open arms welcome all the new beginnings awakening from within my own spring

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

where am i with my dreams


the death of my dear friend brings me into the face of my own mortality … what of his dreams? – and where am i with my dreams? – the ones that i imagined as a child and along the way gained clarity and depth and scope – how close are some of these to being called to make appearnce on this stage i stand upon today … what are the smallest things to be done that will make the biggest difference in bringing the greatest number to fruition … and then of course there are all those other things that could be brought to completion with the utterance of the least amount of words – ‘i ask forgiveness and i forgive’ – i am so grateful for the gifts that this forgiving process brings – including the new levels of existence for everyone concerned … and so i talk to you my friend in that place where we abide together forever

the best is always yet to come

according to maureen

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